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About High Mountains

High Mountains is one of India’s premier travel companies providing affordable yet excellent tour packages. Managed by a bunch of Centennials, our company has grown in leaps and bounds since it first started as a passion project by Aman Singh Gulati, who himself is a travel enthusiast, during his teenage years. As people who love to travel and help other travellers plan their dream destinations we know what most travellers want and what their expectations are from a trip. With us we don’t encourage our Guests to tread often travelled avenues but instead, we motivate them to become adventurous travellers- to explore the unexplored; not only in terms of places to visit but also within their own self. We have a holistic approach wherein we encourage clients travelling with us to rejuvenate themselves, stay happy and spend quality time with their families. Our vision is to foster personal relationships with our clients and promote holistic living. We have booked over 2500 Travellers in 2019 and aim to build a close knit digitally oriented community of travellers.

Our USPs

  • Personal Connect with Travellers
  • Guides on Tours
  • Extensive Tour Itineraries
  • Large List of activities on Tours
  • Meet Like Minded Travellers
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Contribution to Society

We at High Mountains love travelling and promote various aspects of tourism. We have been fortunate enough to experience a few of the many hundreds of cultures and traditions of India. And if we look at the world, there are many hundreds of different cultures and traditions. It is important to preserve these traditions and cultures for the world to be a truly multidimensional and unique place. But along with preserving these cultures it is equally important to preserve the environment and the resources of this planet. It is on us to Save our Resources and keep the world Eco-Friendly. We shouldn’t just think of our own comforts and benefits but contribute in such a way as to provide a healthy and preserved environment for the future generations to come. As such we have pledged to not only come forward to conserve lands on which indigenous cultures exist and live but also try to make an effort to make a difference proactively.

We at High Mountains are not just about preserving legacies but also look for way to contribute to a healthier environment and planet. We have taken the initiative and aim to motivate our surrounding society to do the same.

As such we pledge –

  • For every 100 happy travelers, we will sponsor 1 unprivileged child through the foundation = Humanity Sharing Smiles
  • For every Happy Traveler, we pledge to plant and grow 1 tree through the foundation – Let’s Save Environment

So let us come together and make this planet a better place. I’m doing my part, what’s yours?

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